Jan Schupke


...to my online presentation. Read on for more details, or check out my profiles elsewhere on the Cobwebs by clicking the icons in the top right corner. You can contact me at jan.schupke@gmail.com.


Most recent creations are available on my Soundcloud profile. Full projects are available for download or purchase on Bandcamp.

Sound Design

I've made some contributions to freesound.org and opengameart.org projects.


All my repositories are hosted on Bitbucket. Follows a showcase of some applications I have created:

Sanasto (PHP)

Sanasto is a vocabulary tool enabling users to create their own vocabulary database and test their skills against this database.

Tale (Java)

A simple fantasy-themed RPG, developed for my bachelor's thesis research.

Lines (Java)

A remake of the Color Lines puzzle game with additional features. Persists game state when closed, keeps record of high scores, adjustable board size and hints etc.

Flags (JavaScript)

Very simple online flag recognition game.